Hunting on The W Diamond L Ranch

The W Diamond L Ranch offers a limited number of opportunities to hunt each year. We’re focusing on sustainable harvesting over trophy hunting. And in line with that focus, we are also choosing to offer our hunting opportunities directly to hunters.

If as a hunter you’re interested in a guided or outfitted hunt, there are plenty of opportunities. You will also pay accordingly for the luxury camping experience and wall hanging you may get. Guided big game hunts in our area can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Hunting on The W Diamond L Ranch.

We’re looking for hunters, who are more interested in putting meat in the freezer and having a great self directed hunting recreation experience. We offer hunts on a fee basis, and calculate fees based on a number of factors including but not limited to wildlife observations, the number of opportunities we’re offering for a species, and comparable pricing in the region.

Explanation of Fees

Below is a list of fees we charge for hunting opportunities on the W Diamond L Ranch. All fee amounts for your hunt will be outlined in the hunting agreement we ask you to sign.

  • Hunter Access Fee: The non refundable fee you pay for the privilege to hunt on the W Diamond L Ranch. Also sometimes known as a “Trespass Fee.”
  • Harvest or Kill Fee: This is an additional fee that you pay for a successful hunt. The fee amount depends on species and sex class of your kill.
  • Trophy Premium Fee: If you’re fortunate enough to see a trophy animal and make the kill, we will charge a premium fee for the kill. This is to encourage sustainable harvesting, but is still significantly less expensive than a guided or outfitted trophy hunt.
  • Transaction Fee: We prefer cash or check, however we can accept debit and credit card payments with a 5% fee to cover transaction costs.

While hunting opportunities on the W Diamond L Ranch are not inexpensive, they are reasonably priced for folks who are comfortable in directing their own hunting experience.

Please email us at if you have questions or are ready to start planning your hunting trip.


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