Welcome to the W Diamond L Ranch

Welcome to the W Diamond L Ranch website. We are a family owned and managed ranch in northeast New Mexico. Read below to learn more about our history and what we do.

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  • Wildlife at the W Diamond L Ranch
  • Wildlife at the W Diamond L Ranch
  • Wildlife at the W Diamond L Ranch
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A.F. and Bessie Willett moved from Oklahoma to northeastern New Mexico to homestead in 1919. They registered the W Diamond L brand at this time for horses and cattle. After they settled in, they had two daughters Anna and Wynona.

Grandma and Grandpa Willett survived the hard times of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era by raising horses and cattle. Grandpa Willett also hauled freight and materials for local W.P.A. projects, while Grandma took care of the ranch.

During the Dust Bowl era as many of their neighbors were moving to greener pastures they stayed and acquired more land growing the ranch to approximately 10,000 acres by the 1950’s.

Grandpa Willett passed on in 1967, leaving Grandma Great to manage the ranch. In 1983 when she passed on, the ranch was divided between Anna and Wynona. The W Diamond L ranch now consist of the half left to Wynona.

Wynona’s daughter Suzanne Bennefield and her husband Ted currently manage the W Diamond L ranch. Their son Jeremy also lives on the ranch and helps out. The ranch raises cattle, horses and chickens, as well as produce from it’s gardens and greenhouse.

We sell fresh eggs to local folks. We are avid gardeners and are expanding our gardens to provide fresh naturally grown local produce. The ranch offers a limited amount of hunting for antelope, deer, turkey, bear, and mountain lion. The area supports an abundance of wildlife including pronghorn antelope, coyotes, turkey, mule deer, elk, bald eagles, fox, bears, mountain lions, sand cranes and roadrunners.